Queens of Clutter

I find it amusing when I listen to the tales of distress that many of my friends in College have where their roommates are concerned (yes, I still have friends who are in College). And, it’s even worse with my friends who have shacked up with their ‘significant others’. It takes a lot of patience to live with someone, and to ‘share your space’.
I’ve heard lots of girls talk about the gross habits that men have. But the truth is, we have some pretty gross habits of our own!

I am definitely guilty of being messy once in awhile…not gonna deny it. However, some women go overboard – they need to try every new shampoo, hair product, lip gloss, mascara, etc. etc. and guess where it all ends up?! It’s not just the mess, but the AMOUNT of mess that’s made from accumulating all sorts of junk that you’re probably NEVER going to use! Should we create a spin-off of that TV show “Hoarders”?

I like to think of myself and being closer to the “low maintenance” side of things – I have one shampoo, one conditioner, two bottles of perfume on my dresser, a bottle of leave in conditioner, and all my makeup is safely stashed in a makeup case. Why some people need SIX bottles of shampoo is beyond me!!?

Of course, this never seems to bother THEM; it’s always the people who they live with you are then left to deal with the clutter, clean up after them, and try to find space for their one bottle of body wash.

I’m sure I could go on and on about this, but for now, I’ll stop here. Ladies, clean up your act. Whatever happened to moderation? Give away or throw out what you know you’re not going to use ( I know many of you have emotional attachment to your beauty products). And, some of you KNOW damn well they ain’t gonna help you to look any better – you may need plastic surgery or a good hair weave for that 😛

(psssstttt – what’s currently cluttering YOUR space?)


7 thoughts on “Queens of Clutter

  1. Sooooo I’m low maintenance too….but I have like 3 bottles of everything stashed so that if I run out, I have extra at my fingertips. Make me a hoarding woman freak? Maybe. Heehee

  2. OD’ing on the hair products, beauty products, makeup, you name it…. and cyaa tell the difference! Natural we seh!

  3. I love the fact that this point of view is coming from a WOMAN, such words spoken so softly are easy on the ears. I firmly agree, clean up unnu shit maan…!!!!

  4. I downsized all of that LONG time! Shampoo+Conditioner in one (or just shampoo), body wash and soap is all you’re gonna find. Should show you my new makeup case; you’ll wonder how I fit everything in there 🙂

    • My hair NEEDS a separate conditioner! But I KNOW you know girls who be OD’ing on the hair products!! And at the end of everything you cyaa tell the difference!

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