Let’s Catch Up!

So it’s been a while… sorry 😦

It’s really not my fault though! I tried sending a few posts from my Blackberry and they’re not going through 😦

I think I may need to update WordPress on my phone, but who knows how to  do that??? *sigh* I’ll figure it out on the weekend.

Well, let me just give you an update on what I’ve been up to… WORK – full stop. LOL! It’s true though… sometimes I wonder how I do it….trust me, it’s not easy working from 10am to 10pm on an average work day… and that doesn’t include when I work on weekends out of town, or have special events to cover… and to make things worse, tis’ the season of yule…aka the season of no rest/sleep/personal time for me.

Honestly, I’m tired (though I hear I’m not supposed to tell anyone that).

What do I do for a living?? hahahahaha I don’t think I should say, it may affect whether or not I have a job tomorrow, but if you spot me on the street, I’d gladly tell you.

Thanks for listening to my mini rant.

The real update – the cowboy is back on his ranch; Lizzy’s invitations are in the mail; we now need new bridesmaid dresses; my cousin Wendy from T-dot is in town; CG was here for Lisa’s wedding and we’re planning once again to get our business off the ground; Crackers is coming to town; I now have a boyfriend (hehehehe – blog post on THAT coming soon :D), and I may be making a move to the US. *whew*

That was also perhaps the list of the next few posts to come on my blog, so look out for ’em…

OH! And the Jamaica Blog Awards is now taking nominations! But I’ll post more info on that soon… in the meantime, you can go nominate me for Best Personal Blog, Top Blog Post, and Reader’s Choice Award…

Click here ——> http://jamaicablogawards.com/

Also, check out my blog roll… you can nominate some of my friends too!

Until later….




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