40 Days of Awesomeness – Day 1 – The Tomboy

Today March 9, marks the beginning of the Lenten season, it’s a solemn time for Catholics, and many Christians who traditionally ‘give up’ one of their usual indulgences for this 40-day period.
Well, following the lead of my Twit-sister @tplayfair I’ve decided to put a twist on this ‘tradition’. Yes, I’ll be giving up a few things (bread, rice, meat, rum), but I’ll also be celebrating for 40 days, all the great things about me, that make me, well….. Me.

The Tomboy
Some of you may have guessed that when I was a little girl I was somewhat of a tomboy. Why did this make me awesome? Well, I could climb trees and onto the roof, excel in sports, skateboard, perform stunts on my bicycle, and brushed off my bruises before doing it all over again.
All the boys liked me, and loved being in my company. I was always invited to hang out in the mango tree to eat mangoes, play football… Plus, I was the only one who could patch a bicycle tyre at the age of 8!! Guess where they came when they had a puncture?
To this day, I see how not being the girly girl has transformed me into an awesome woman – strong, self-reliant, decisive, innovative, a risk-taker, a problem-solver.
I’m still often ‘one of the guys’, and hang with them without them seeing me as invading their turf, and I’ve met some wonderful men, with whom I’ve acquired friendships that will last a lifetime.

Welcome, to the 40 Days of Awesomeness by ChineyPhat! Feel free to celebrate you too!


5 thoughts on “40 Days of Awesomeness – Day 1 – The Tomboy

  1. I like ur perspective of the whole Lenten season ,,,and ur twist of it…i will say fulljoy ur celebration and have fun..I Bless Rasta.

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