Bwoy, where does one begin? ChineyPhat was the creation of Carrie “Quizz” Sigurdson – boss lady of Whaddat.com. The story of its origin can only be told by the “Mad Puss” herself.

All I can say is that she is my alter ego, confidante and best friend (sounds a little psycho, doesn’t it?).

Producer Extraordinaire, ChineyPhat has been at the helm of productions on stage, on television, on radio, and now in print. Been on the ‘grind’ since I was about 13 years old.

I just happen to know a lot about, well, ALOT!  I’ve been described as a “jack of all trades”….but you know what follows that line – “master of none”. Fact is, I’m actually really good at all the things I claim to be able to do *shrug*.

Not sure what’s left to say…but if there’s sumn you wanna know, feel free to ask. I’ve never been one to ‘hold my tongue’, so I encourage you to follow suit.

Welcome to my World!! Buckle Up!! 😀