A Wedding & A Funeral

The month of April was one filled with much happiness, as my sister Lizzy took to the aisle and said “I do…” to the love of her life, John-Matthew Sinclair. It was a beautiful affair, never mind the drops of rain that began as soon as we stepped into the car to make our way to the church. This is what Lizzy had dreaded the most, which is why she arranged everything to take place indoors – both ceremony and reception. It was only the photographs to be taken at Devon House that were now a concern, though be it a minor one.

Red blooms filled the church, and the bevy of beauties that was her bridal party came in one by one (quite a bunch of ‘lookers’ if I do say so myself!). Then the doors closed and it was time for her to enter.

Now if you know my sister, it was her dream to have Beres Hammond sing “Hey little girl each time you passed my way I’m tempted to touch…”. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to book (or afford for that matter) Mr Hammond, so she did the next best thing… and as the doors of Stella Maris Roman Catholic Church opened, the talented steel-pan band (accompanied by the talented Dwight Richards) began the melody for said song, much to the surprise of guests who were not only blown away by the music, but by the vision that was my little sister, who entered the church amid “oohs” and “aahs”. Even Father Michael seemed to join John-Matthew in a moment of breathlessness, and was compelled to comment before the ceremony even began, that he had never seen Elizabeth look more beautiful.

I can’t take you through every moment of what took place at the ceremony, however I will say that there were a few tears by some, while others tried hard to hold them back.

And wouldn’t you know it, as soon as the ceremony ended, the rain stopped. It was truly a blessing.

Beautiful photos were taken by photographer Gary James in the grand ballroom of the Devon House Mansion, on the front steps, in the courtyard as well as in wine bar, Bin26. (When I get permission, I’ll put up a slideshow).

And, in all it was a truly wondrous occasion, and I’ve never seen two people in such bliss as this newly married couple. Everything was… perfect.

There was only one thing missing, and that was the presence of our cousin Shawna, who the week before, on Easter Sunday, passed away.

It’s been very difficult for me to talk about it… even more difficult to face the fact that she’s no longer with us. She was after all, like a sister to us, especially Lizzy who was closest to her (in age and in friendship) and shared much with her… in particular, raising her daughter Sierra.

It’s funny how my travel and personal plans were put on hold, because if all had gone as scheduled, I would not have been there for her funeral, for her send-off. I believe things really do happen for a reason, and I was happy that I was there… to support my family, and to come to terms with my own grief and loss.

There was much sadness following Lizzy’s wedding (the funeral service took place the following Saturday), but happiness as well, in that a part of Shawna still remains with us… in Sierra… who is such a beautiful little girl, who is so much wiser than her mere 6 years.

And we will all be sure to tell her stories about her mother, the great times we shared, and teach her the ways of being a lady, being generous and kind, honest and mannerly, just as her mother would have wanted and liked.

In closing, there’s not much left to say… except live in love, and God will do the rest.


Day 14 – Laff

My mother is always amazed at how Lizzy and I are always able to amuse ourselves… by ourselves.

It isn’t simply that we find joy or joke in everything… in fact, half the time, it is WE who are the subject of folly (as it may be).

What I’m getting at is that we don’t take things too seriously, and we’re definitely not afraid to laugh at ourselves. Whether I fall, make a mistake, slip up in my speech, do something foolish, have someone make fun of me in any way, it’s ridiculous to get angry about it, especially when it’s something completely harmless.

There are times when I simply ‘act the fool’… I can’t help it… neither do I care if people think I’m stupid, silly, have no sense or have gone mad (all of which my mother thinks, by the way).

Sometimes we need to just step back and realise that life is GOOD, if only we take a moment to dance in the rain, play one-two-three-red light at the beach, run around like children, though we’re grown adults, laugh… not just at ourselves, but at how we make a ‘big deal’ out of trivial things sometimes.

As Colette says in Chance Acquaintances, “Total absence of humour renders life impossible”.

Made of Honour

Guess what??? We’ve found new dresses!!

And they’re absolutely perfect. Initially we had chosen strapless maxi dresses from a British website – simple but suitable. But that ship sailed when the former maid-of-honour wore one of the dresses to another wedding she was invited to. Now, by some stroke of luck we have new dresses – a short silk cocktail dress with a tulip skirt – it’s beautiful! They were found shortly before Christmas when I went to make use of some gift certificates that I’d had for months, sitting down, gathering dust. One of the dresses I had bought just happened  to be ideal, and I said so to my mother who was there while I was trying on. Lo’ and behold, when I got home, and Liz saw the dress, she knew that was the one. We bought out  all the stock fro the store the very next day.

I wish I could show you a photo, but that will have to wait until after the wedding. And now, I’m short a dress…

But wait!!! There’s even better news. Guess who’s the new maid-of-honour??

Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Yup! ME!!!

LOL! I dunno if I should be upset that I wasn’t the first choice initially… I wasn’t even her second choice actually. LOL! But I think in the end (under the coaxing of her mother and fiance), she decided upon someone who she knew would never let her down… especially on her ‘BIG’ day!

We will always argue – after all, we’re sisters – but in the long run, she knows I’ll forever have her back. She knows that I’m not selfish when it comes to her, and I’ll ensure that she’s the most beautiful bride anyone has ever seen… AND that things will go off without even the slightest of hitches 🙂

I’m so excited, and can’t wait till April 29 when she walks down the aisle.

Things are finally falling into place, and 2011 is looking better than ever.

Me n' Liz!!


30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 10

So day 10 is about my ‘best friend’.
Off the bat, the very best friend I have in the world is Pet. She lives in London, but should anything happen to me, I know she’s on the first flight to wherever in the world I may be!
She’s been there for me through thick and thin for the past 16 years! She’s my sister from anotha mister, she’s my twin… In the opposite way lol! You could say we’re perfect complements to each other.
This lioness is a day younger than me, and no matter what I do, she supports it. She let’s me be me… Offers advice, her opinion, but allows me to learn from my mistakes, and ensures her shoulder is free should I need it. She’s always been objective and as far as I know, is my #1 fan!
But I can’t do this post without mentioning my Liz. She too is one of my very best friends… as well as my sister.
She’s been a great voice of reason in my life. She’s my big, little sister – SUPER bossy!!
And though we often knock heads, cuss nuff and malice each other, we always make up… eventually. She too is one of my biggest fans…
I love you both chicas!!! And don’t know what I’d do without the two of you!!
*hugs*Me & My Peti!

Me & My Peti!

Me & My Liz!Me & My Liz!

Congratulations my Liz!!

So, some of you may already know that my baby sister recently got engaged. And I for one am super excited about it!!! No one deserves it more!

We’ve known John for years and he’s a true gentleman, not to mention it’s not easy dealing with someone like my sister (can you say BOSSY!!?)

I actually knew he was going to propose a few days before – my big mouthed mother who can’t keep a secret told me. And I had to promise not to let the cat out the bag. John had asked for her (my mum’s) blessing following a tense phone call to my pops, asking for Lizzy’s hand (him brave eeh???) LOL!! We just didn’t know when, where or how it was all gonna go down.

I’m actually not clear on the details, I only remember getting a phone call sometime after 10pm on August 31 with Liz cussing me about how could I not tell her, and that we’re supposed to tell each other everything!!! DUH! Liz, everything but THAT!

All in all, he’s a great guy…I like him, and Lizzy is happy.

Now, with wedding plans underway, she’s already a bridezilla. But John, is smart enough to keep his distance. After all it’s really HER wedding anyway, isn’t it??

(sorry about the quality of the pic; I took it with my phone)