… a lil’ romance now and then.


It was a little perturbing to me, to read on Twitter how little faith women had in men when it comes to wooing, or rather, when it comes to being romantic.

Perhaps it’s simply luck that I have oft been privileged to have experienced the

blushing, the butterflies, and the embarrassment (if I may say so) of a romantic ‘nothing’, ‘something’, ‘everything’.

So after hearing the ladies complain – “Men don’t know what it is to be romantic” – and the men saying “Women don’t appreciate the small things that we do.” I felt it was my ‘duty’ to write about it… the answer to a post featured on my dear friend and fellow blogger Mamachel‘s site. (READ POST HERE)

I’ve decided to share it with you, my readers, so you can give your two cents on the subject and perhaps share your personal experiences with your loved ones. What do you do to show someone that you care? And what IS romance anyway?

Check out Mamachel’s page and read my guest post FOUND!!! ALIVE & WELL: A LITTLE THING CALLED ROMANCE

Until next time…


About A Boy… A Cowboy

Relationships are hard!

It is only in recent times that I’ve been open to love. Of course, like every little girl growing up, I’ve always been in love with the idea of being in love, but have never actually opened myself up to it.

This post has been a few months coming… though I’m not quite sure what took me so long to write it. Maybe I felt as if, if I said it out loud or revealed it to the public forum that is the world-wide web, I would somehow jinx it…

I’m in love… with a cowboy.

About fifteen years ago or so, this fellow moseyed into my life. But at the time I had no clue that those childhood moments of roaming the streets of Hope Pastures and swimming in a water tank, would somehow bring me to this point. Who would have thought that the exchange of letters, back and forth would ignite in two people a connection that led them to be reunited over a decade after they had lost touch? From snail mail to Facebook, I can no longer deny what began so many years ago, puppy-love between two adolescents, has now reared its head as the perfect match of two grown, mature adults.

I smile every time I think about him… the dimple in his left cheek… the way he grabs my face to kiss it, as if he missed me terribly, and didn’t do the very same act only moments before… the way he steals a quick stroke of my leg while he’s driving, right before he changes the gear.

And me? I catch myself watching him while he sleeps… wondering what it would be like to kiss him, though I already know… trying to figure out what else I could possibly do to make him happy, because I want him to be happy – and he assures me, he is.

He is supportive and honest; nurturing and protective; gentle, yet firm; a planner, a thinker, a go-getter, and I admire him immensely.

It’s the first time I’ve truly been content, smiling to myself because I know what a ‘catch’ I have, and can clearly see the blissful future that awaits us, though be it far down the line…  and he too appreciates that I am quite a ‘catch’ as well, and am everything that he wants a woman… his woman to be.

So why then do women (like me) try to do things to jeopardise their happiness?

It’s as if I do or say terrible things as a means of ‘pinching myself’ to see if it’s true. Well, let me tell you, I got a helluva reality check last night and this morning, and there shall be no more pinching!!!

Even with my fight-picking, he forgives. He doesn’t easily reconcile, but he’s not afraid to call me on my BS or to “hurt my feelings”, after all, he has feelings too.

I’m definitely learning an important lesson on what it is to share, be thoughtful, giving, respectful and caring about someone other than yourself… because it’s crystal clear to me at this moment, that I am not in this [relationship] alone.

And for the first time I don’t get what I want, and it’s okay… but I will get what I truly deserve – a good man.

A Wedding & A Funeral

The month of April was one filled with much happiness, as my sister Lizzy took to the aisle and said “I do…” to the love of her life, John-Matthew Sinclair. It was a beautiful affair, never mind the drops of rain that began as soon as we stepped into the car to make our way to the church. This is what Lizzy had dreaded the most, which is why she arranged everything to take place indoors – both ceremony and reception. It was only the photographs to be taken at Devon House that were now a concern, though be it a minor one.

Red blooms filled the church, and the bevy of beauties that was her bridal party came in one by one (quite a bunch of ‘lookers’ if I do say so myself!). Then the doors closed and it was time for her to enter.

Now if you know my sister, it was her dream to have Beres Hammond sing “Hey little girl each time you passed my way I’m tempted to touch…”. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to book (or afford for that matter) Mr Hammond, so she did the next best thing… and as the doors of Stella Maris Roman Catholic Church opened, the talented steel-pan band (accompanied by the talented Dwight Richards) began the melody for said song, much to the surprise of guests who were not only blown away by the music, but by the vision that was my little sister, who entered the church amid “oohs” and “aahs”. Even Father Michael seemed to join John-Matthew in a moment of breathlessness, and was compelled to comment before the ceremony even began, that he had never seen Elizabeth look more beautiful.

I can’t take you through every moment of what took place at the ceremony, however I will say that there were a few tears by some, while others tried hard to hold them back.

And wouldn’t you know it, as soon as the ceremony ended, the rain stopped. It was truly a blessing.

Beautiful photos were taken by photographer Gary James in the grand ballroom of the Devon House Mansion, on the front steps, in the courtyard as well as in wine bar, Bin26. (When I get permission, I’ll put up a slideshow).

And, in all it was a truly wondrous occasion, and I’ve never seen two people in such bliss as this newly married couple. Everything was… perfect.

There was only one thing missing, and that was the presence of our cousin Shawna, who the week before, on Easter Sunday, passed away.

It’s been very difficult for me to talk about it… even more difficult to face the fact that she’s no longer with us. She was after all, like a sister to us, especially Lizzy who was closest to her (in age and in friendship) and shared much with her… in particular, raising her daughter Sierra.

It’s funny how my travel and personal plans were put on hold, because if all had gone as scheduled, I would not have been there for her funeral, for her send-off. I believe things really do happen for a reason, and I was happy that I was there… to support my family, and to come to terms with my own grief and loss.

There was much sadness following Lizzy’s wedding (the funeral service took place the following Saturday), but happiness as well, in that a part of Shawna still remains with us… in Sierra… who is such a beautiful little girl, who is so much wiser than her mere 6 years.

And we will all be sure to tell her stories about her mother, the great times we shared, and teach her the ways of being a lady, being generous and kind, honest and mannerly, just as her mother would have wanted and liked.

In closing, there’s not much left to say… except live in love, and God will do the rest.

Day 11 – Lovey-Dovey

Since it’s the night of the Super Moon, I’ve dedicated Day 11’s post to Love 🙂
I always say that I hate people… or rather, don’t like people. This is somewhat true, however I often contradict myself, because in fact, I actually love people… very much.
Sure, you’ve probably read that before in this blog, but it’s true. I’m a real softie, and not afraid to talk, tweet or blog about it!
I love to give hugs and kisses… to console, to counsel, to help find resolutions.
With that said, I’ll go one step further and share with you that I fall in love easily… or so I’ve been told.
I’ve loved a lot in past relationships, which has led some people to believe that I’m more in love with the idea of love, rather than the person I’m supposedly in love with. This couldn’t be any further from the truth.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m no pushover and neither am I naïve. But I AM very open to love, and being in love.
I simply feel that the only way to find true love is to welcome it, without fear of being hurt.
Hell, I’ve been hurt so many times… but the fact is, you get over it eventually – you learn, you mend, you move on.
If you’re always sceptical in your relationships, whether intimate or social, I’m telling you from now, they’re destined to fail. You have to trust in the relationship and in the other party. And above all, you must trust in yourself.
Sometimes I’ll pretend like I don’t care, but I live my life with an open heart… and to me, that’s pretty awesome.

Days 9 & 10 – You Are What You Eat!!

Maybe it was good luck that I was too busy to post Day 9 yesterday, because now I can combine days 9 and 10!

As the title suggests, I’m going to talk about food.

The very day that I could reach the stove, my mother had us cooking. It was like yesterday… I was perhaps about 8 years old, and luckily for me, I was pretty tall for my age. My mother told me to put enough red peas in a pot to cover the bottom and then fill it half-way with water…
The end result? Stew Peas – my very first meal, cooked all by myself.

It’s funny, I don’t ever remember ‘learning’ how to cook. I guess just from watching my mother and grandmother in the kitchen, that I picked up along the way and just ‘know how’ to do it.

As my sisters and I got older, my mother then decided that with three girl pickney, there was really no need for her to cook anymore. And it was then that we really began to experiment with different foods, each of us developing our own specialities over the years.

To add to this, my Day 10 entry is that I LOVE TO EAT!!!

Many people look at my body and think that I pick and nibble, but one thing I absolutely hate is to waste food! Seriously. I will eat the food off your plate, just so it won’t have to go in the garbage.

I absolutely relish being able to savour the flavours of my favourite foods, as well as new foods I’ve never tasted before. Did I mention how elated I was whenever I was chosen to do a food shoot for work? Not only was the food visually enticing, but I must admit, I have sampled some of the BEST meals ever conjured up in restaurants all across Jamaica!

And another thing… I don’t like to alter food that’s been served to me. I like to eat it just the way the chef intended it to be. So no adding of salt or black pepper, ketchup or hot pepper sauce. I want to experience the original flavours of the dish.

The taste , the texture, the aroma – I love and enjoy them all!


Now I’m hungry…