… a lil’ romance now and then.


It was a little perturbing to me, to read on Twitter how little faith women had in men when it comes to wooing, or rather, when it comes to being romantic.

Perhaps it’s simply luck that I have oft been privileged to have experienced the

blushing, the butterflies, and the embarrassment (if I may say so) of a romantic ‘nothing’, ‘something’, ‘everything’.

So after hearing the ladies complain – “Men don’t know what it is to be romantic” – and the men saying “Women don’t appreciate the small things that we do.” I felt it was my ‘duty’ to write about it… the answer to a post featured on my dear friend and fellow blogger Mamachel‘s site. (READ POST HERE)

I’ve decided to share it with you, my readers, so you can give your two cents on the subject and perhaps share your personal experiences with your loved ones. What do you do to show someone that you care? And what IS romance anyway?

Check out Mamachel’s page and read my guest post FOUND!!! ALIVE & WELL: A LITTLE THING CALLED ROMANCE

Until next time…


30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 7

Day 7 – my crush

Oh geez…. Where the hell do I begin with this one?? I have so many!!!! Lol!
I have NUMEROUS crushes on American football players, singers, tattooed guys… ummmm… but if I were to think about someone who every time I see him he makes me blush… Then I’d have to say Ricky, is my current crush – is that his name?
I see him every Wednesday night and though I know him, I’ve never really had a conversation with him… I say hi… Does that count?
It’s not as if he’s the most charming… nor is he the most handsome guy out there, but… there’s sumn about him… He’s definitely got that ‘swag’ 🙂
My thing with crushes though is that that’s all they are – a crush.
I would never date a crush. Full stop. Cuz then that takes all the fun out of it… AND I feel like once they open their mouth and they reveal they’re not the person I’ve envisioned them to be in my mind, then I’d completely not feel the same way about them again.
So, with that said… I’ll continue to admire them/him from a distance – after all, that’s the way it’s supposed to be, right?