Day 7 – *grin*

I asked Cowboy what makes me awesome… his reply of course, was “everything”.

*rolls eyes*

So I told him, to choose one thing.

This time he was quick to say, “your smile”.

It’s funny. I was actually hesitating to write about my smile, since so many people think that I have a pretty mean-looking face. Plus, I do believe I’ve already written a blog post about it. Oh well…

As someone who  takes photos almost every day, I’m a firm believer that smiles make EVERY photo GREAT! If it’s a real smile, then that’s even better! And I know many of my ‘subjects’ after urging them to bare those teeth, will agree.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with perfect teeth – they’re neither straight, nor pearly white. But I have been blessed with an awesome smile (that looks straight from a distance! Hehehehehe). But when I do smile, you can be assured that it’s genuine. And often, my smile in turn makes others around me smile too; it makes them happy and look forward to seeing me again… for whatever reason.

So I guess Cowboy is right. My smile really does make me awesome. And perhaps I should thank him, since he keeps me smiling every day 😀







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